The breathtaking backdrop of Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, NH photographed by Kate Preftakes is the perfect setting for such a joyous celebration. The color choices match with this venues rustic and natural look showcasing a place we all want to escape to. One that leaves you excited about the endless possibilities stretched out before you. With tasteful yet simple bouquets chosen by Emily Herzig. These flowers demonstrate how life can be filled with the same simplicity, the same simple beauty for you and the one you love. And what wedding would be complete without mans best friend by your side? Both dressed to impress, a dog stands proudly by his owner who is wearing a lovely gown from BHLDN. With beautifully crafted paper by Impress Me Design that showcases the elegance of a wedding with an added personal touch. Beverages and a cake by Sweet Lilac Bakery that is not only pleasing to the eye but looks as though one bite will take you straight to heaven. Altogether this demonstrates what a wedding should be like, one where family and friends can be together. An event to celebrate the love and trust that two people can share. A celebration to reminiscence, to joke, laugh, cry and to look towards the future and what it holds for everyone.