Planning a wedding is no easy task, regardless of the state of the world. The past year couples all over the planet have faced unprecedented challenges surrounding their wedding days. The obstacles presented through the COVID-19 Pandemic has created insurmountable stress. It has demanded adaptation in virtually every aspect of life. Not knowing how the world will look in a week, let alone a year makes planning for the future a rather daunting task. The COVID-19 Pandemic has turned the entire wedding industry upside down and inside out. Whether you’re a planner, a vendor, or a couple, you are undoubtedly feeling the effects of this massive shift in our industry and global culture. I wanted to create this guide to pass on some lessons I’ve learned along the way. Hoping that I can make the process easier for members of my community whether they be across the street or and across the globe.

The first step to create a safe wedding or event is to follow your local and national recommendations and guidelines. This is a necessary first step in determining what is safe and what is allowed as determined by the town or state you are in.It’s very important to check for updates from the Centers of Disease Control so that you’re aware of changing recommendations. All vendors should be following CDC guidelines, and couples should make sure they’re intending to do the same.
Outside events are safer than indoor ones. There are more ways to remain distanced from one another and better airflow. We encourage you to plan as much of the wedding outside as possible. If the ceremony has to be inside, try to organize an outdoor reception! The less time spent indoors, the better. It may be an adjustment, but it is safer outdoors for all in attendance.
Understand your family and friends thoughts amid group gathering restrictions, social distancing guidelines and discouraged travel. Contact your guests and acknowledge the current pandemic. Let them know you are thinking about everyone’s safety at your wedding.  Find out who can travel, doesn’t feel safe attending, or is unable to do so. Once you have determined your new guest list, let everyone know and explain how the changes made for the safety of all. Most guests will understand and even anticipate the change. With technology today, your guests may be able to attend your wedding virtually.

Your wedding may look slightly different than you imagined. Planning and creating thoughtful seating arrangements and event format options allow guests to celebrate at a safe distance. Guests may wear face coverings or gloves and may sit with members of their household. The love and magic of the day won’t be compromised.

If dancing is a non-negotiable necessity, spread small dance floors around your venue. Set up a station to have video chats with your virtual guests. Relocating too an outdoor area would be the best solution. It provides extra ventilation and space to keep your guests healthy and comfortable.

A micro wedding is considered as having 50 or less guests. These miniature events are intimate, elegant and can still include traditions for a beautiful experience. Sure, a smaller wedding might not have been your first choice. But one of the benefits of a smaller guest count is freeing up your budget to splurge on elements you may not have thought possible.

Having a smaller guest list allows you to spend more quality time with each and every guest. Smaller weddings mean smaller decisions. Meaning smaller amounts of stress. Look at it as a blessing in disguise!

There are so many ways to get creative when it comes to food and beverage presentation and service. Although there aren’t traditional buffets, family-style meal service, self-serve food stations, or grazing tables out for now, this gives us many opportunities to be creative. Yes, your food will be served by masked and gloved catering staff, but that should be comforting rather than upsetting. Overall, we need to minimize guest touch-points. Designing a thoughtful environment allows for guests to comfortably maintain physical distance.  Talk to your caterer about options.

Wedding Cake by Autumn Nomad



Weddings can be one of the most stressful and intimidating events in ones life. Hiring a professional takes a large set of responsibilities off of your plate without sacrificing your vision for your wedding. If you are planning a wedding, want to minimize stress, have someone to support you and have your back every-step-of-the-way, invest in an event planner. This decision can save you money in the long term, and save you headaches throughout the process.

At Events By Sorrell, we are a full-service event planning company, we offer design, planning and production expertise to craft weddings and events. With personalized options to choose from there is a something for every couple. Don’t forget to check out our FAQ page on our website to answer any general questions. Interested but not ready to commit just yet? Send us an email and we will be happy to answer any and all questions or inquiries you may have.