About Us

Located in New Hampshire, Events By Sorrell defines itself as a full-service design, planning and production agency committed to delivering client specific customized events. These events often take place on private properties in New England and are a complete build out from the ground up. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your event is true to your vision down to the last detail.

About Sorrell

Sorrell DowningWhether your style is Classic Chanel or down to earth Patagonia, Sorrell’s eye for the traditional has not ignored the modern. Fifteen years of experience in design and planning continue to yield events tailored for your personal style and character. She has styled weddings and events all over New England and beyond, and her work has been featured in several bridal magazines throughout the nation and abroad. Her attention to detail may provide you with a European inspired aesthetic while juxtaposing modern and old world styles. It all starts with you. Her team reflects her hands-on approach and careful eye for details.

Sorrell is a loving wife and mother of nine who lives with her family in Francestown, New Hampshire.