Sorrell offers consulting services for venues who are looking for new ways to broaden their horizons and attract more of their ideal clients. With fifteen years of experience in the event planning industry, she has a great depth of knowledge and understanding regarding the attributes people look for in venues, and has worked with several venues as liaisons to interested parties. Services she offers include but are not limited to: managing your venue’s inquiries, showings of the location, bookings, and one on one meetings about ways in which your venue can peak the interest of potential clients. She will also assist and guide your clients in assembling, timelines, and layouts.

“Sorrell was a huge help to us; she was able to hone in on the things that potential clients are most drawn to and then show us how to highlight and augment those features in our advertising. She is certainly in tune with what our clients are looking for!”
Venue, NY

“Before working with Sorrell, we were constantly trying to figure out how to get our name out there in a more effective and magnetic way. Once we started with the consultations and began implementing the things Sorrell was teaching us, we noticed results immediately. More and more potential clients started flooding in — she helped us tap into potential we didn’t even know we had.”
Venue, VT

“Sometimes it can be very hard to understand what clients are seeing or not seeing when they find your listing online when you are the person creating that listing. With her objectivity as someone who is not a part of our company but is highly experienced in our industry, Sorrell was able to see through the eyes of our potential clients, and then comprehensively tell us what it was that she wanted to see more of, as well as things she didn’t think were making much impact.”
Venue, NH