For events that have been planned by the hosting party, Events By Sorrell can provide staff to make sure everything runs smoothly. Anyone who has coordinated an event knows that extra pairs of hands are always invaluable resources, but often times staffing companies will have a minimum that is greater than the number of people you’d want — and too expensive at that. Having a few folks running around to ensure that everything is operating according to plan can be incredibly relieving during what can otherwise be extremely stressful situations. Clients provide all the necessary details which are outlined by EBS. EBS Staff are experienced in event management and facilitation and are adaptable to audibles that sometimes must be called on the day. Please note that EBS Staffing does not clean, emcee, DJ, serve food or alcohol unless contracted separately.

“We really appreciate all the hard work that you put in and your staff absolutely killed it day of! We got so many comments about how great it was working with your staff!”
D&E, 2019 Wedding

“The EBS Staff was fantastic! So many last-minute calls had to be made, and they were able to roll with the punches and do so with grace and humility. I felt so much more in control of the event with them on my team!”
K&B, 2019 Wedding

“Sometimes a few extra staffers can take an event from being a disaster waiting to happen to a seamlessly run operation. With the help of the EBS Staff, I was able to pull off an event that I never would have been able to do on my own or with the help of inexperienced friends or family members. They were so adaptive, so kind, and so professional; I will certainly be hiring them again next time I run an event that requires them.”
FR, 2019 Family Party